Maloneys Grocer Surry Hills

Doing your groceries as a vegan, especially for special occasions can be very daunting but luckily Maloneys Surry Hills has you covered. Maloneys Surry Hills = 80/100 Points 4/490 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010 Selection = 45/50 The selection at Maloneys is pretty darn good. It's got all your vegan favourites; tofu, falafel, soup,… Continue reading Maloneys Grocer Surry Hills


Lord of the Fries Sydney CBD Take Away

Sometimes you just crave burgers. Luckily LOTF delivers, literally. We've just moved back to Surry Hills and Saturday was 38 degrees so I was NOT interested in leaving the house. I thought, why not just get something delivered while I'm unpacking and junk food was definitely on the menu. Lord of the Fries = 72/100… Continue reading Lord of the Fries Sydney CBD Take Away