Messina Gelato Takeaway Surry Hills

I don’t line up for ANYTHING so when I saw people lining up down Crown Street I raised an eyebrow and kept walking. Later I found out that this was a gelato place that was picking up speed with locations popping up in Bondi, Darlinghurst and so on. Move over cupcakes, gelato was in.

I’m now quite the regular as I live only a few hundred metres away.


Messina Gelato Surry Hills

389 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010



What’s vegan on the menu:

All sorbets including: salted coconut and mango salsa, blood orange, chocolate sorbet, coconut and roast almond with chocolate coated almonds, lemon, mango, pandan and coconut, passionfruit, raspberry, strawberry

What’s vegetarian on the menu:


What’s pescatarian on the menu:


What I ordered:

Strawberry sorbet

Taste = 50/50

In my opinion this is the best gelato in Sydney so I understand they hype. I wouldn’t normally ever eat sorbet but since I’ve had Messina I’ve been a convert. They’re basically around every corner now too so that’s pretty great.

Messina do vegan really well and all their flavours taste like the best version of what ever the flavour is. Every time I go I try a different flavour. My personal favourite is the salted coconut and mango salsa. If you haven’t tried Messina you really must.

Value = 17/25

Like everything else with a bit of hype there is an inflated price, however, Messina is no more expensive than any other boutique ice cream place.

Service = 16/25

As I mentioned there is often a pretty hectic line at Messina, however, it is open until 11:30pm on the weekends and 11pm the rest to the time so I’ll often pop in there after a nice dinner or a few games of pool at the White Horse.

Though the line can be long you won’t be waiting long, unless there is someone in front of you who is testing every flavour (which they allow). In my opinion the flavour is a gamble and its on you if you make the wrong choice.

They do also have 5 new “special” flavours every week however I’ve never seen a vegan one which gives me the shits.

Another point of issue for me is that they don’t take card which I find extremely annoying as I never carry cash.

As an FYI, they do deliver so check out your local meal delivery app.

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