The O Cafe Surry Hills

This cafe is a long time favourite of mine as a Surry Hills resident and they have loads of vegan options, especially if you’re the kind of Sydney-sider who is into all day breakfast!

The O Cafe = 88/100 Points

487 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010



What’s vegan on the menu?

Toasted Sonoma spelt fruit loaf with seasonal jam
Toasted Sonoma sourdough with seasonal jam
3 gain porridge
Acai breakfast bowl
Scrambled tofu
Spelt muffin
Superfood soup

What’s vegetarian on the menu?

All of the above as well as:
Fruit salad with stewed rhubarb & bio-dynamic yogurt
Sonoma honey spiced muesli with stewed rhubarb, bio-dynamic yogurt & roast almonds
Bircher muesli oats with stewed rhubarb, bio-dynamic yogurt, coconut, mixed nuts & seeds
Buckwheat, ricotta and cacao pancakes
Egg, tomato & spinach roll
Sauteed mushroom with feta, herbs and toasted sourdough
One egg omelette
Turkish style baked eggs
Free range poached eggs
Open haloumi sandwich
Stir fried seasonal vegetables
Zucchini and corn fritter
Ali’s Balinese fried rice

What’s pescatarian on the menu?

All of the above

What I ordered:

Vegan French toast and a soy piccolo

Taste = 50/50

Fifty out of fifty. High score I know, but if you’ve been here you already know. Health food catering to vegans and non vegans alike; this place is hands down my favourite cafe ever. I even get my coffee there every morning! It wouldn’t be what it is without its wonderful friendly chef Ali who always greets us and gives this cafe a sense of home.

Let’s talk about this vegan French toast. You get two large pieces of beautifully marinated sourdough with plump fresh strawberries, figs, coconut flakes and agave on top! This is a very filling dish and is super yummy if you want something sweet for breakfast. If you’re craving pancakes but can’t find decent vegan ones this will definitely hit the spot.

Though I didn’t order this today another favourite on a cold day is the 3 grain porridge which is really creamy, again topped with lovely fruit and also has turmeric which you can’t really taste but you can definitely see. It’s completely yellow.

The acai bowl is my favourite in town. My first acai bowl was here and all others now pale in comparison.

Value = 15/20

Certified organic always comes at a premium for organic and I do scoff a little at $15.50 for porridge but the food at the O Cafe is very plentiful and filling so you definitely get bang for your buck.

Service = 17/20

Food = impeccable, value = pretty darn good, service = pretty great. I have never had one of those “is this soy” situations, and if they’re ever unsure they will come back to you to clarify your order, they don’t just pretend that this random meal or coffee was what you wanted. For someone as hangry as me I can vouch for the service being very very quick. Hands down, theres a reason I always come back here. I find service to be very important and in my opinion this place has it all.

Ambience = 6/10

For getting your brunch on this place is perfect. Having said that, it is a bit of a pokey space and the tables can be a bit awkward to fit all your stuff on. If you’re sitting out on the street you can be on a slant and theres some little spots underneath a stairway that are really difficult to sit in. It also doesn’t have the glamour or instagram-worthiness of The Grounds or even Gnome across the road but its just fine as far as I’m concerned.

Side note:

If you work in the city they also have a stall in the Hunter Connection so you can get your Organic Produce fix during the work week.


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