Vacanza Surry Hills

Ahhhhh birthday dinners, something that is so often the bane of my existence. When I look at a menu and see that all I can eat is a salad I’m inclined to get a little huffy, especially when you know it’s going to be a set menu.

I arrived at my friend’s birthday dinner (already fed as I thought I was having salad and olives for dinner) to find that now days even places that say “no substitutions unless it’s life or death” are willing to do something delicious for vegans.

Please see below bitmoji of myself as pizza:

Vacanza = 73/100 Points

414 Bourke St, Surry Hills NSW 2010



What’s vegan on the menu?

Focaccia Al Rosmarino
Homemade marinated green Sicilian olives
Mista Vacanza

What I ordered:

Focaccia al rosmarino, olives and a random vegan pizza

Taste = 40/50

Did I say random “but amazing” vegan pizza? My lord this pizza was a thing of beauty! The crust was crispy and fluffy. The toppings were moist and plentiful, and the sauce was fresh and delicious.

Value = 15/20

We got the $30 set menu which included a few starters, a pizza each and salads. I felt that this was really good value because even though I didn’t eat everything there more more than enough to fill us up and also take some home. Not gonna lie, I ate the rest of my pizza when I got home. They are licensed but who wants Restaurant wine when you have $4 corkage?

Service = 12/20

Well, this restaurant is run by a bunch of 23’s. If you’re Italian (I’m not) you know what that means. Until my food arrived I was pretty concerned about what I was going to receive and it took a full half hour after sitting down for our drinks order to be taken.

Ambience = 6/10

I would definitely recommend this place for a first date or another situation where you don’t want awkward silences because itis anything  but quiet. As for catching up with mates you basically have to yell across the table.

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