Ho’s Dim Sim Kitchen Grocer Sydney CBD

THERE IS A GOD! Home made dumplings that are dirt cheap and vegan exist for you to stick in the freezer for when you’re feeling naughty!

Today on my way home from work I strolled into Ho’s Dim Sim Kitchen. I walk by this place almost daily and had never been in but a colleague had told me how good the dumplings are so I thought I would pick up to take home and my word, I am impressed.


Ho’s Dim Sim Kitchen = /100

429a Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000

Selection = 40/50

Ho’s definitely has a good selection and the dumplings taste amazing. Then skin is thin and soft and the fillings are creamy and delicious.

Japanese vegetable dumplings
Onion flower rolls
Spinach dumplings
Veg cabbage dumplings
Vegetable buns
Vegetarian bean curd roll
Vegetarian sticky rice wraps
Vegetarian samosas

Thought there are several vegan options available they’re all just “vegetarian” rather than “mushroom”, “pumpkin” etc. which I would much prefer.

Value = 25/25

Boy are these cheap! You get 50 veggie dumplings for $25, and I think at 50c a dumpling you’re doing pretty well.

Service = 15/25

Unfortunately they have a 2% surcharge for ANY credit card which is annoying because I don’t really carry cash. Having said that, I would purposely walk home this way just to get a taste of these dumplings.


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