Maloneys Grocer Surry Hills


Doing your groceries as a vegan, especially for special occasions can be very daunting but luckily Maloneys Surry Hills has you covered.

Maloneys Surry Hills = 80/100 Points

4/490 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Selection = 45/50

The selection at Maloneys is pretty darn good. It’s got all your vegan favourites; tofu, falafel, soup, bread, fruit, veg, but it also has Coyo, cashew cheese, daiya and a great selection of chocolate and sweets. What’s really neat is that they have a massive array of pre-made salads, fruit salads and meals like sushi and stir fry in the fridge along the front wall and you could basically eat all your meals from that fridge and be totally healthy. They also have the Cobs salt and vinegar popcorn which is a personal favourite of mine.

Value = 15/25

Like most boutique or speciality grocers there is a premium but not as bad as you’d expect. If you’re getting your fruit and veg from say, the farmers market, the little extras and Maloneys won’t set you back all that much. 

Service 20/25

Maloneys is definitely a well manned store but no one is falling over themselves to help you unless you ask. To be honest this is my preference, I often have a quizzical look on my face but it’s mostly because I’m reading labels rather than needing assistance. 


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