Lord of the Fries Sydney CBD Take Away

Sometimes you just crave burgers. Luckily LOTF delivers, literally.

We’ve just moved back to Surry Hills and Saturday was 38 degrees so I was NOT interested in leaving the house. I thought, why not just get something delivered while I’m unpacking and junk food was definitely on the menu.

Lord of the Fries = 72/100 Points

Henry Deane Plaza, 10a/18 Lee St, Haymarket NSW 2000



What’s vegan on the menu?

Everything on the menu can be made vegan.

What we ordered:

Poutine burger, Melbourne dog, chunky fries

Taste = 30/50

Can you really ever go past poutine? This Canadian classic is just yummy. I’ve always been a fan of chips and gravy so the idea of having that on a burger is my junk food dream and I defiantly recommend giving it a try.

I was being quite the glutton so the Melbourne dog was next on the list and is basically your classic hot dog with cheese, mustard and tomato sauce and is really good but is massive and after having a whole burger I could only force half of it down. LOTF does make a mini size burger so if you’re planning to double up I would recommend getting a mini burger.

I always have an extra stomach for fries but these ones weren’t great and overall reflected the meal in total. If you’re going to have junk food, have it fresh, don’t get it delivered.

Value = 20/25

The meal was around $30 for the three dishes plus delivery and I was stuffed, however, I think if I was sharing I would still be hungry.

Service = 22/25

Uber eats is always amazingly quick. I don’t know how the other services get away with being so darn slow!

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