Golden Lotus Vegan Newtown


Have you ever been to Vietnam? I have and it was amaze-balls for food. I basically ate my body weight in rice paper rolls. Rice paper rolls are one of my favourite things (just carbs really). When Golden Lotus Vegan opened I started getting tagged like crazy on Facebook by friends and colleagues. I’ve been dying to try it for a while now and Monday night was my night!

Golden Lotus Vegan = 76/100 Points

343 King St, Newtown NSW 2042



What’s vegan on the menu?


What we ordered:

Shredded tofu rice paper rolls, vegetable dumplings, papaya salad, eggplant in clay pot, fried tofu with lemongrass, brown rice

Taste = 30/50

Here’s a little ditty; I ordered what I wanted (dumplings, rice paper rolls, papaya salad), our friend asked the waiter what he recommended (eggplant in clay pot), and Joss ordered the lemongrass tofu. Win, win, lose.

My rice paper rolls, vegetable dumplings and papaya salad were fantastic. The freshness was just gorgeous, plentiful and filling and I was not disappointed. These staples will always be a favourite and even though I’ve been trying to branch out and try new things I think being able to make great dumplings and great rice paper rolls is tantamount to Italian restaurants needing to make a cracking bolognese. The papaya salad was so lovely and so well dressed that our friend and I drank the dressing.

The waiters suggestion of the eggplant was fantastic. He had told us that people come to Golden Lotus for the eggplant and I would definitely go back for it. The eggplant melted in your mouth and didn’t have any of that rubberiness that it can sometimes have. The sauce was sticky, sweet and was like a Vietnamese teriyaki.

Unfortunately Joss’s choice was not what we expected. It was triangles of fried tofu with dried lemongrass mixed into to. Though it came with a sauce it was incredibly dry and I definitely wouldn’t have it again. As the dishes are all for sharing I would think that having this in combination with a more saucy dish would be suitable.

Value = 19/20

Our meal was $60 for the 3 of us which I think is pretty good value considering we were all stuffed by the end of it.

Can I just say; loves me a good BYO! Being able to take my own booze is so satisfying. I hate having to pay too much for a bottle of wine that I just don’t even like.

Service = 20/20

On arrival the restaurant was packed but the wait staff straight away brought an extra table and chairs outside for us which was unexpected and I was really impressed. The food came out quickly, but not too quickly and they were very attentive with the water on such a hot day.

Ambience = 7/10

This place isn’t fancy, it isn’t stylish, but it is very authentic and though its really busy you’re not packed in like sardines. I wouldn’t recommend this for date night but I would for a gal’s dinner or a casual dinner.



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