Port Phillip Estate Mornington Peninsula

This weekend just gone my husband and I took a trip down to Melbourne for my 28th Birthday and even though I hate my birthday we had a really great time. Joss wanted to make it a special weekend for me so he looked into vegan fine dining and found Port Phillip Estate on the Mornington Peninsula. Funnily enough, I’ve been drinking the Port Phillip Estate Salasso Rose for over a year so I knew I would at least like the booze.

Port Phillip Estate Dining Room = 92 Points

263 Red Hill Rd, Red Hill South VIC 3937




What’s vegan on the menu?

They’ll make you something special and fantastic! They aren’t afraid to cater to vegans in a delicious way.

What I ordered:

Baked garden vegetables, spatzle with heritage cauliflower, capers and olives, young leaves with house dressing and house baked bread

Taste = 45

The food was delicious and not too complex. I don’t know what the sauce was on the baked vegetable entree but it was an amazing mix of creaminess, zest and mustardy goodness. No one bakes vegetables like they do in fine dining and I love the idea of the kitchen garden.

I had never heard of spatzle before so I had no idea what my meal was going to be. In case you don’t know, spatzle is like a german style pasta. As you know I hate the this without the that and I was really glad that they instead made the spatzle with plant milk so it was still rich and creamy. If you don’t love olives I wouldn’t recommend this dish because it has a very distinct olive flavour which I love, but I know not everyone does.

Value = 17

At $68 for a 2 course meal (and more for the bread and salad) I was pretty impressed at the value for fine dining. I’m not normally full after a vegan fine dining meal but the spatzle was very tasty and I was actually too full for dessert!

Service = 20

I was incredibly impressed with the service here. They knew I was vegan on arrival and went out of their way to make sure our meal was special. Our waitress was also vegan which I think made a difference as I felt very well catered for.

Ambience = 10

This restaurant is absolutely gorgeous and made me feel so relaxed and special for my birthday. I highly recommend it for a special occasion or a romantic date with your boo followed by a drink on the balcony overlooking the vines. Drink up lovers!


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