Little Vienna Sydney CBD Take Away


My work place is pretty generous, especially when it comes to providing alternatives for those of us with dietary requirements. Thursday’s are a favourite day in the office as we order in sandwiches from Little Vienna on Barrack Street, including salad sandwiches for us vegans and vegetarians.

Sandwich day is by far my favourite day of the week!

Little Vienna – Barrack Street Sydney CBD – 90/100 Points

9 Barrack St, Sydney NSW 2000



What 1 ordered:

Freshest Vienna Salad on Rye Sourdough (no oil or mayonnaise)

Whats vegan on the menu?

Nothing, you have to customise. Luckily they’re very willing to accommodate you.

Taste = 45/50

For me, this has all the elements of a great sandwich. The bread and produce are always fresh, it has a great balance of flavours including; avocado, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, beetroot, snow pea sprouts, rocket and lettuce, and always leaves me wanting more. I could eat these sandwiches for lunch every day.

Value = 22/25

At $9.50 this Little Vienna’s sandwich is pretty good value for money, especially considering they don’t skimp on the filling. Having said that, they charge you the same price for the sourdoughs and multigrain which is half the size of their classic, white and brown bread. To be satisfied I would need to eat one and a half of the sourdough sandwiches.

Service = 23/25

The service is really great, especially if you’re a regular. The staff always remember you and are very quick and friendly. The only service mark down(at Barrack Street) I can give is that they don’t take credit card or EFTPOS and the closest ATM’s are reasonably far. If you haven’t been there it can catch you unawares.

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