Harajuku Gyoza Potts Point

Dumplings. Dumplings. Dumplings. I can’t get enough of dumplings be it; gyoza, gow gee, xiao long bao, daifuku, empanadas, har gow, kreplach, kroppkaka, mandu, momo or banh cuon, I just love them. I don’t get to Potts Point as often as I’d like and I’m such a creature of habit that I thought I should branch out a bit. I desperately owed my bestie a girl date and knew she loved Harajuku Gyoza so why not treat ourselves to some dumplings!

Harajuku Gyoza = 88 /100 Points

9/15 Bayswater Rd, Potts Point NSW 2011




What’s vegan on the menu?

To Share
Vege gyoza
Tofu with red cabbage open gyoza
Steamed rice
Tempura eggplant
Shoestring fries
Cucumber with miso dressing
Broccolini gomaae

Raindrop cake

What I ordered:

Vege gyoza, cucumber with miso dressing, raindrop cake

Taste = 50/50

Hands down, these gyoza were the bomb, they were made traditionally , steamed then grilled and the filling was amazing. I had one serve of 5 dumplings and they were so good, I knew that if I wasn’t more interested in trying new things on this occasion I definitely would have got 2, maybe 3 serves. They also brought out soy sauce and rice vinegar to have with them which I thought was a great idea because I much prefer more vinegary ratio.

I can also never go past a good cucumber salad and the miso cucumber salad does not disappoint. The crispiness of the cucumber married with the salty sweetness of the miso dressing is very refreshing as a palette cleanser and really hits the spot.

Ever since I started seeing the raindrop cake pop up on Facebook and Pinterest I’ve been dying to try it, particularly due to the super low calorie factor. Made from agar and water it has a bit of a funny mouth feel to start but the powdered sugar and treacle on the side soon take over and give it a yummy vanilla flavour. This dish really surprised me and i’d love to have it again.

Value = 14/20

My whole meal was $19.80 which I thought was very good for dinner with friends but I definitely could have eaten more which would have taken it up to around $30 (I intentionally leave booze out of the pricing so I don’t skew it for you).

Service = 17/20

We were seated right away and the girls were very quick to bring out our drinks and food but a little slow on clearing the table and we were often juggling plates and cups.

Having said that, if you want to take away of get it delivered and you live in their delivery zone you can enjoy a little slice of Japan at home.

Ambience = 7/10

They made it a real sense of occasion by all yelling “irasshaimase!!!!!” when you arrive. We were sat at a high table and it was a little cramped but the service really made up for it. The fitout of the restaurant is also really cool and bespoke and you can see the chefs assembling and cooking the gyoza.

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