GPO Pizza by Wood Sydney CBD

A problem I’m often faced with is the team lunch at work. Amongst the carnivores I am ‘the freak’ but I’m used to it now and I’ve learned to be the one to suggest the restaurant. Luckily, cheese free pizza is always an option! Right across the road from my office is the GPO No.1 Martin Place building which has several formal and casual dining options as well as The Westin Hotel, and is also just a stunning building.


GPO Pizza by Wood = 82/100 Points

Lower Level, No. 1 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000



What’s vegan on the menu?

To Start
Olive oil and garlic bruschetta
Vine ripened tomato, basil and olive oil bruschetta
Insalata mista

Pizza (if you order without cheese)
Quattro formaggi

What I ordered:

Ortolana pizza

Taste = 40/50

I have to say that I really enjoyed this pizza. Often times when you get a wood fired pizza with no cheese it comes out burnt or very dry but this pizza retailed its moisture with the help of the mushroom, zucchini and eggplant. Next time I would ask for extra sauce on the base though.

Value = 17/20

At $12.80 per person (4 large pizzas) between the 6 of us I think it’s pretty good value, especially for a quick lunch with friends or in a group where you’re sharing. We were all satiated and had a couple of slices left over (I ate the most hahah).

Service = 18/20

From ordering to your to in your mouth is about 10 minutes. They don’t muck around here as they’re used to a large volume of people. You can’t go past that kind of service if you’re hungry. The only draw back is that because its not a sit down restaurant no one is bringing your plate and cutlery over, you have to get it yourself, so if you want to pick up food, drinks, cutlery etc. you need someone to guard your table.

Ambience = 7/10

The atrium ceiling of this collection of eateries makes it a really nice place to eat but at lunch time or after work it can get very very busy and trying to eat at a bar table isn’t the easiest. This is definitely a great spot for just a couple of you but if you’re in a large group it gets pretty loud and is hard to hear.

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