Mad Pizza e Bar Bondi Take Away

Ok so, I probably need a slightly different rating system to encompass take away and home delivery as obviously ambience isn’t relevant. I have revised below to exclude the ambience and balance up value for money and service.

Up to 50 points for taste of the food

Up to 25 points for value for money

Up to 25 points for the service


Mad Pizza e Bar – 74 /100 Points

Darlinghurst | Potts Point | Surry Hills | Bondi | Newtown

I’ve always enjoyed eating in at Mad Pizza é Bar  as a vegan option because I know everyone is going to enjoy ourselves but it isn’t my “go to” for pizzas. This evening the Crust website was down so I decided to go for Mad Pizza because I know they have really yummy pasta and they have very quick service.



What’s vegan on the menu?

To Start
Broccolini and kale
Organic sourdough
Caramelised garlic bread
Lentil tabouli

Vegan suprema pizza
Tagliatelle Siciliano

What I ordered:

Tagliatelle Siciliano

Taste = 35/50

I loooooove pasta and eat it most of the time and have never found it to be particularly detrimental to my weight (my current girth aside) so when its on the menu its usually what I go for. As soon as my tagliatelle arrived I devoured it as I’d ordered earlier than their delivery times. Unfortunately I found it a little dry even though it was really well sauced. Next time I would substitute the tagliatelle for some gnocchi or another type of pasta because for this sauce I feel you need something more absorbent.

Value = 19/25

Obviously when you’re having a take away you’re paying for the convenience, and as they have to pay a delivery driver to bring it to you chances are its a little more than you are willing to spend. At $16.50 this pasta wasn’t too bad but in the 15 minutes it took to get to my door I could have boiled the pasta and made a pretty similar sauce myself.

Service = 20/25

I have to say that the service is very good. I ordered waaaaay before their delivery time and the store rang me to let me know the exact time it would be delivered and it wasn’t a second late! Love it!

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