Plunge No.46 Summer Hill and my MO


Last night my husband asked me why I was doing this blog and to begin with I didn’t have a straight answer, but this morning I’ve woken up with a sense of purpose and realised why I am going to be rating all these bars, restaurants, cafes, food trucks, popsicle stands etc. and its because life is awks for vegans, especially if you’re not the type to announce that you’re vegan (I am more likely to announce that I am allergic to dairy, because I am. I’m not intolerant to it meaning that it gives me a sore tummy, which it does, it really really does. I am allergic to it. It gives me a rash on my face and body.) In this life where we’re ‘addicted’ to our smart phones I am wondering how many other people out there like me are constantly researching somewhere to eat that is more than just toast with avo, “with NO butter please”, chips and salad “with the dressing on the side please” or a vegan specific eatery so that when your indecisive friend, husband, wife, lover, family ask where to go to dinner tonight or lunch in 10 minutes you can say “I know! Let’s go to…”.

Plunge No.46 – 76/100 Points

46 Lackey Street, Summer Hill NSW 2130

Visiting Plunge No.46 was my first venture to Summer Hill despite that one of my closest girlfriends has lived there for several years now. It’s high street is very cute and village like, has plenty of parking and also has a train and light rail station. Plunge No.46 is a 30 second walk from the station and at 9:30am was scattered with a couple of guests but by 11am was packed! It’s very popular and does interesting pop up restaurants in the evenings.



What’s vegan on the menu?

Only bread on the breakfast menu but on the lunch menu the fried cauliflower, fattoush salad, falafel sandwich and falafel are available (I hear from a non-vegan that the fried cauliflower is amazing)

What I ordered:

Soy and linseed sourdough toast with avocado, marinated mushrooms and vine ripened baked cherry tomatoes, soy cappuccino, soy piccolo

Taste = 20/50

I know I often complain about having to eat from the sides menu but one of my great loves is good quality soy and linseed sourdough with avocado and a soy cappuccino so going out for breakfast isn’t usually a problem for me as a vegan.

My coffee arrived pretty quickly but tasted a little watery (my girlfriend advised me that the coffee is usually great but that she hadn’t seen that Barista before) and our food came out quite quickly also. After eating I ordered a second coffee and it wasn’t any better.

The bread, tomatoes and avocado were lovely, however how I’m not sure what the mushrooms were marinated in because they tasted like salami so I am a little suspicious that they were cooked with their sucuk sausage. Having said that, I didn’t specify that I am vegan and that I wanted the food cooked separately, but there’s a big difference between a marinated mushroom and a sausage fat mushroom.

Value = 14/20

Our breakfast was a little over $80 for the 4 of us which considering we all had a meal and a coffee or tea it was pretty standard.

Service = 15/20

As i mentioned, the food and coffees came out really quickly which I appreciated because I was starving and my second coffee also came out really quickly, however, when it came to paying the bill we had to ask for it 4 times which was unusual seeing as we were taking up the largest and most central table in the cafe. This was a bit frustrating because my girlfriend’s baby was exhausted and erupted into tears and screams which totally embarrassed her mother. At this time it was a bit busy but isn’t a good judge of service to be remain cool under pressure?

Ambience = 7/10

I really liked this cafe to visit. It wasn’t too loud, it was very cute in a shabby chic way, the layout wasn’t cramped and they had a high chair with plenty of room for a pram. I would definitely return to this cafe next time I’m in Summer Hill to try their lunch menu.

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